Friday, February 15, 2013

The Daily Star website hacked by Anonymous hacktivist

Anonymous Hacktivists hacked into The Daily Star website and upload articles with title "Anonymous Continues Struggle For Justice".

According to Daily Start News report, around one hour after admin removed the post, the hacker once again uploaded the same article with different title "Anonymous Steps It Up".

"Anonymous continued its bid for true democracy and freedom today, when they started on a new path to bring to an end the corruption and oppressive regimes of todays governments. In a call for a truely open society Anonymous has started to raise its public profile the world over," The hacker said in the defacement message.

"Anonymous is calling for media transparency on all sides, particularly to do with world-issues such as Iran/Israel and the USA/UK arms deals in the middle east. As with all arguments, there are two sides, and single sided reporting must stop. War criminals should be tried for their crimes and in the case of state sponsored terrorism, the public should be fully aware of the acts governments commit in order to fight their injustice."

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