Saturday, September 21, 2013

How to Reveal Asterisks Password on Log In Page

The following tips and trick I've tried on latest Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer

1. Internet browser.
2. Understand Javascript.

How to Reveal Asterisks Password on Log In Page:

1. As I've already tell above about the browser condition of my friend, I start to think maybe while she's surfing a website she also save the passwords while the browser pop up alerting whether she want to save our password or not. And when I type Gmail and Yahoo web address on her browser, I got this preview:
She save all her e-mail username and password
When see that, I start to make a small games with my friend (Including her) about "How to Reveal Asterisks Password on Log In Page" without view the passwords directly on the show password options menu.
2. Finally I gave the answers to them. Firstly we view the source code of the page where the asterisks appears and find out the ID of the element where asterisks appears. I give example on Yahoo log in page using Opera dragonfly. (right click the asterisks and click inspect element)
the ID value is passwd.
3. After get the ID, we back again to the browser. On the browser address bar, type:
javascript: alert(document.getElementById('passwd').value);
the script above tells the browser to alerting the value of the textbox where asterisks was appeared.
4. Here is the result when the script was executed.
How to Reveal Asterisks Password on Log In Page
1. This tips and trick only for fun, because you also can view the saved password directly without viewing source code and typing a javascript code.
2. Do not save your password on your browser, but save it in your mind. That's the safest place

Hope its useful

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